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Chromium(VI) measurements successfully passed again

In July, the annual measurements of chromium(VI) concentrations in the air during operations in the coating booths took place again. We are obliged to do this in order to maintain our exemption for the use of coating materials containing chromium(VI).

The concentrations in the air are measured in the preparation room, in the area around the coating booths and directly in the coating booths. In addition, we have measurements taken inside the full face masks of the coaters to ensure that the personal protective equipment is working appropriately and that our employees are not exposed to any health hazards. Furthermore, the chromium(V) concentration in the emissions from the exhaust of the coating booths is carried out.  

Despite the high workload of the coating department, all measured values were again inconspicuous and the limit values were complied with.


Successful extension of our Nadcap-accreditation

One year after our first Nadcap audit, the reaccreditation audit for the extension of our welding certification was due in mid-April.

We were able to pass this audit without any nonconformances and thus extend our Nadcap certificate by one year.

In addition, we are currently preparing to have our NDT processes (non-destructive testing) Nadcap-accredited by the end of the year.

New website launched

Good things come to those who wait: Our new website is finally available at the same address.  

In addition to a fundamental revision of the design, the site has also been optimized for mobile use on smartphones or tablets and there are extra sections for our current job vacances and news. In addition, the individual business units can be contacted directly via the contact page and our current certificates are available for download.

Chromium(VI) - current status

The compressor coatings used at OT Schwerin contain very small amounts of chromium(VI).  Aluminum-based coatings with chromium(VI) on steel offer excellent corrosion protection as well as high hardness and abrasion resistance. This predestines them for use on components of gas turbines and compressor plants that are subject to high thermal and mechanical stress.

However, chromium(VI) has a serious disadvantage: it is considered to be carcinogenic and mutagenic. Therefore, the use of the substance was basically banned by the EU on Sep. 21st 2017 by the REACH regulation. The further use is currently possible only with an exceptional approval, limited in time and under strict conditions.

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Photovoltaic system commissioned

As an important investment in the ecological future, OT Schwerin has now commissioned a large-scale photovoltaic system for the company's production and administration building.

Due to the high level of self-consumption of over 80%, the system will significantly reduce the CO2 footprint of the energy-intensive processes. In addition, the company's electric and hybrid vehicles can be charged directly with self-generated solar power in a climate-neutral manner.

Successful Nadcap accreditation

From now on OT Schwerin is officially Nadcap accredited for the process of welding as one of only 14 companies in Germany.

Nadcap is a global accreditation program for aerospace, defense and related industries. The stringent standards ensure that certified suppliers meet the highest quality requirements.

Further accreditations are in progress.