Surface coating

The service life of components can be considerably extended by the application of a high-quality coating. The components are pre-treated mechanically and/or chemically to ensure good bonding, uniform application and resistance of the coating to operation conditions. The selection of the coating and its application process depends on the operation requirements and the base material. OT Schwerin offers the following coating processes:


Diffusion coatings (CVD)

  • Chromising using the powder pack method
  • Aluminising using the powder pack method
  • Aluminising usingo slurry


Compressor coating

  • Coating of single blades/vanes, complete compressor rotor
    disks and vane rings with a special aluminium-pigmented
    ceramic using a manual compressed air spray method
  • Hot coating of compressor shafts
    (new construction/service)
  • Anti-fouling coating with Teflon (PTFE)


Thermal spray

MCrAlY (metallic corrosion/oxidation protection coatings)
    using high-velocity oxygen fuel spraying (HVOF)
  • TBC coating with ceramic thermal carrier coatings using air plasma spraying (APS)

  • Run-in coating (abradable coating)
  • Anti-fretting (copper, nickel, iridium coating)
    in combination with molybdenum disulphide using APS