1993 Founding of OT Oberflächentechnik GmbH Schwerin, with focus on chemical removal of high temperature coatings (acid stripping)


1999 Extension of the production facilities at Werkstraße 115


Investment in a diffusion coating plant for chromizing/aluminizing

Investment in a coating plant (hybrid) for thermal spraying


2010 Expansion of the repair capacity for GT refurbishment of the rear hot gas stages

         Expansion of the heat treatment capacity by the purchase of a second vacuum furnace

         Installation of laser wire welding equipment


2012 Expansion of repair capabilities with a laser powder welding plant


Extension of the types of repair by building new in-house workshops:

  • GT refurbishment of the first hot gas stages
  • Installation of airflow measurement equipment
  • Re-design of facilities for surface crack testing, water jet cutting, goods receipt/dispatch
  • Mechanical removal of coatings (residual coating grinding)
    • Pickling
  • Re-contouring of weld repair according to customer drawings

  • Central air compressor station for shop floor
  • Coating of huge gasturbine compressor components
  • Installation of a new car hearth kiln
  • Commissioning of grit-blasting booths



  • Project start for the qualification for electrochemical machining (ECM)
  • Reorganisation of incoming and shipping departments



  • Expansion of chemical stripping capacity
  • Establishment of thermal spray barrier coating department
  • Increase of energy capacity (with additional transformer station)
  • Investments:
    • Refurbishment of chromizing furnace
    • Purchase of pyrolysis furnace
    • Refurbishment of enamelling furnace
    • Purchaseof mobile hood furnace
    • Expansion of office area